Graduate Student
E303 CB
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B.S. in Chemistry, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 
Joined group in January 2017

I am from Ankeny, Iowa which is just outside of Des Moines.  I joined the Mason group as an undergraduate researcher and stayed on for my graduate work.  Before joining, I had no computational experience but the group was great at teaching me the ropes. My undergraduate work included the Keggin project to determine stabilizing conditions for aluminum nanoclusters and researching DFT methodology to calculate correction parameters for delocalized electrons. Currently, I am mapping out the bandstructure and electronic density of states for a structural/composition range of binary metal oxides to derive trends in the electronic properties. I also work on the Al-nanocluster project, with interest in deriving trends in how capping cations interact with the clusters as a function of size and shape. While out of the lab I enjoy binge watching Netflix, boxing, and gaming.