Joseph Bennett
Research Specialist
E303 CB
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Joe got his Ph.D. with  Prof. Andrew M. Rappe (Chemistry, Penn) in 2009, co-advised by Peter Davies (Materials Science, Penn). Since then, he has gained significant experience as a postdoc with Karin Rabe (Rutgers), where he also collaborated with David Vanderbilt.  Joe has some industry experience, too, having worked on Zn-based aqueous batteries at Eos Energy Storage in Edison, NJ, and more recently, wastewater treatment at Aqua Vectors, Inc. in Long Island, NY.  Joe has developed research expertise using a combination of theoretical modeling methods, such as high-throughput DFT and database mining, to search for "next generation" materials for applications such as energy storage.  He leans more towards the physics/materials end of the spectrum, which is a great complement to SEM's surface/environmental chemistry interests.