The Mason Group uses theory and computation in molecular-level studies of interfaces, nanoparticles, and surfaces. 

Our research targets issues related to the environment, nanomaterials, and energy. 


About the Mason Group

The Mason Group values and works to create/maintain spaces that are welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to everyone. One of SEM's favorite mottos is "It's never to late to learn," and we are enthusiastic to work with scientists of all backgrounds. If you are interested in visiting with the group, then email Professor Mason or stop by her office or the labs.

(Nano)Materials in Technology, Energy Applications, and the Environment with Computational Chemistry

Computational chemistry researchers in the Mason Group at the University of Iowa apply and develop theory and modeling towards the goal of linking macroscopic processes with molecular scale properties.  We specialize in quantum-based computational methods such as Density Functional Theory that are desirable because of their ability to detail the geometry and electronic structure of nanomaterials.

These research subjects and approaches create opportunities for group members to develop into multidisciplinary chemists who can understand and address topics in solid state physics, geochemistry, materials science, and more.  Many of our projects are collaborative with experimentalists from UI and beyond.